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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Drummond Island Day 3: Walkters Harbor to Glen Point

September 20, 2017
13.5 miles

It was a cloudy morning as I packed up camp.

I followed a two track through the forest parallel to the beach.

Walkters Harbor (I believe)

I continued along the road and eventually decided I should check out the beach and see if I could find the fossil ledges. It was a little steep descending to the beach. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss the fossil ledges so I left my backpack backtracked on the beach.

I could see islands to the north.

Back in the trees I discovered some ledges.

I returned to my backpack and continued along the beach.

I came to some large ledges overhanging the lake that I was able to walk underneath.

In some places the beach was like walking on pavement, much easier than the bushwhacking the day before.

Just inland I noticed a fire ring and campsite.

Looking back at beautiful Drummond Island shoreline

There were some nice waves. I was able to stay dry.

Sometimes the waves splashed over the rocks.

The hiking on the beach was quite manageable compared to the bushwhacking the day before.

I reached the first big challenge of the day, crossing Raynolds Bay, which was quite large. It would have a been a long and tedious bushwhack around so I decided to wade across it.

In some places it started to get too deep (over my waist) so I had to move pretty far south closer to land.

There were colorful flowers.

I waded past where a road meets Raynolds Bay.

Looking back across Raynolds Bay

I took a break and enjoyed the view of the waves crashing on the opposite side of the bay.

I continued along the rocky beach.

I noticed what appeared to be some type of fossil.

There was another bay crossing, this time I believe Colton Bay.

Beaver lodge

Looking back at what I had just waded across

Drummond Island also has some nice sandy beaches.

Sometimes the shoreline was overgrown so I decided to hike in the nearby open forest.

The sun started to come out and brightened the day.

An eagle soared over head.

There was a trail parallel to the beach and I decided to use it.

The hiking along the beach wasn't always easy, but it felt wild and I enjoyed the scenery.

As I neared Glen Cove, I followed a jeep trail.

Glen Cove

I continued out to Glen Point to find a place to camp.

I set up my tent on the rocks at the point and enjoyed the view.

Camping at Glen Point

I hoped to see a sunset looking back to Glen Cove but the sun went in the clouds and disappeared. Overall, it was a wonderful day and made the challenges of the day before worthwhile to experience the wild scenery along Lake Huron.

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